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Science Tutoring Service

by fully qualified teachers

Science, a core subject available in combined sciences or in detail through a focus on biology, chemistry or physics. Our science tutors have the skills and experience to provide effective online learning for pupils of all ages who would like assistance with studying science. 

Directed Classroom Learning

Our specialist teaching staff will deliver Biology, Chemistry and Physics content to help you develop skills, confidence and make necessary progress at GCSE level.


We cater for learners who prefer learning from the comfort of their own home. We use the latest Edtech to make online learning engaging and purposeful.

Curriculum Coverage

We will aim to cover the content over a period of 24 sessions. Our delivery of content is on a constant rotation so you’ll never miss out.


Pupils will recieve 2.5 hours of homework per session to consolidate their learning in the session. 

Explore Science

Topics we teach during our sessions

Biology course

Science: Biology

 1. Cell biology 
2. Organisation 
3. Infection and response 
4. Bioenergetics
5. Homeostasis and response 
6. Inheritance, variation and evolution
7. Ecology 

Chemistry Course

Science: Chemistry

1. Atomic structure and the periodic table 
2. Bonding, structure, and the properties of matter 
3. Quantitative chemistry 
4. Chemical changes 
5. Energy changes 
6. The rate and extent of chemical change 
7. Organic chemistry
8. Chemical analysis
9. Chemistry of the atmosphere 
10. Using resources 

Physics Course

Science: Physics

1. Energy 
2. Electricity 
3. Particle model of matter 
4. Atomic structure
5. Forces 
6. Waves 
7. Magnetism and electromagnetism 

Combined and Triple Science Tuition | Biology, Chemistry & Physics 2hrs per week | Ongoing Rotation LUTON

Delivered by fully qualified teachers


Our tutors can help to break science down for students and work through the curriculum at a pace with which they are comfortable, enabling students to overcome their frustration and build confidence for success in their GCSE Science exams in whichever exam board specification they are following.

In this course, learners will enrol onto a blended Biology, Chemistry and Physics programme which will span over approximately 5 months on a constant rotation. This means, when the 44 lessons (approximately) are taught in completion, a new cycle of the same 44 lessons will commence. This is particularly useful if learners enrol onto this programme after week 1 of teaching, giving them an opportunity to catch-up. Prices start from £12.50 per hour and students are scheduled recieved 8 hours per month (4 double session per month).

Please email us on [email protected] for enquiries.

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