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The first obstacle to face in our pupil’s education is their personal learning style. The team of private tutors creates programmes that are tailored to each pupil’s strengths. As a result, they are able to learn more quickly and retain information more effectively.

Even the best students may be hindered by gaps in their knowledge, “missing bricks” in their academic foundation.

  • Assessment Consultation
  • Patch Testing strategies
  • Ready to Teach

The ethos of Teach Me is to recognize the potential in every student and provide the highest quality of education to help them succeed.

  • Certified Teachers
  • Curriculum Specialists
  • Outstanding Pedagogy

Our main goal at Teach Me is to ensure that we can create an online environment that will be inspiring to our students and can provide them with the confidence and enthusiasm to attain the highest possible results.

Our students range for KS1 through to KS4 Sciences. We cater for students from all around the world. All of our student learn using the English command.

  • Science Support
  • Biology | Chemistry | Physics
  • Core skills
  • With Experienced Teachers
  • Taught in British English
  • Google Classroom

Parents’ Comments

“We live in Wembely, my two daughters log in with Teach Me just because the education they receive with them is outstanding!”

Mrs Karima Joshi

Live Tutoring

SIgn up to Teach Me. We will provide you with the support you need. Virtual online teaching with award winning Google classroom.

We are experts and exetremely well prepared to deliver high quality Biology, Chemistry and Physics lessons.

Live tutoring
Live Tutoring

Qualified PGCE

Expert Scientists

Investigative Skills

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Our Expertise

Science is an important and challenging subject. Our friendly, qualified science teachers can provide high quality tuition in Physics, Chemistry and Biology to ensure that your child is able to reach their potential.

Scientific and Skills 100%
Math Expertise & Knowledge 100%
Technology Knowledge 100%
Professionalism 100%
Assessment 100%

Training with Teach Me

Teach me is also an established science consultancy company committed to providing a wide range of services assisting schools to implement and maintain their science departments.
Qualified Staff

Recognised Certifications

Our strength lies in taking the time to understanding the requirements and their needs and incorporating an infrastructure that is unique and relevant to your learners. We offer advice and training as well as auditing and assessment services and take pride in making sure your requirements are met at all stages of our engagement.

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Curriculum Development

Resources | Assessments | Reporting

With many years experience of classroom, middle management and leadership experiences our trainers and consultants share thier knowledge and skills with you in order that you can manage and maintain your own science departments. Whether it be creating a new curriculum, supporting teaching with resources or subject knowledge training.

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