About us

About Us

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About us

Teach Me is a company which has worked in the education sector for several years. We consist of experienced teachers and leaders in education and some that have acquired full UK approved teaching qualifications.
Our primary goal is to improve the quality and learning in educational establishments in places where its most needed. Our QCF qualifications are Ofqual accredited and are very closely monitored by the examination board. Therefore, our courses are of high quality and satisfy the strict criteria set out by the board. Over the last three years, our learners have used the qualification they acquired at Teach Me to find employment and to support their existing roles at their workplaces.

We also offer CPD courses tailored to educational establishments around the country. We understand the need to maintain a purposeful, safe and supportive learning environment. Therefore, our leaders in education have develop purposeful sessions to enhance the capabilities of staff members.
Our friendly and honest approach to all of our customers enables us to work effectively with colleagues of educational establishments and ensure the best possible outcomes, so check us out.

  • Quality –
    To ensure learners receive a qualification that is fit for purpose and ensure key learning objectives are met, we use only the best subject matter experts.
  • Value –
    We are the most competitive training provider in the market and refuse to be beaten on price. Our price promise applies to all qualifications, meaning in the rare instance you do find a lower price, we’ll gladly match it.
  • Service –
    Our customer service standards are recognised as being among the best in the world. We have a ‘less text more talk’ policy which means that if we feel that it would be better to speak on the phone to resolve any of your queries, we will call you.
  • Integrity –
    We provide our staff and learners with accurate and honest information at all times. For example, if for your needs, it is better for you to do a particular qualification rather than the one you have chosen, we will inform you of this. We will always look at what is the best solution for you.
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